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Bio Garantie enhances the sustainable growth of organic farmers through its fast and professional certification services. Our company has 20 years experience and an international background, thanks to which the number of our clients is constantly growing. 

Our main task is to investigate whether organic products were produced according to the EU organic regulation, from choosing the land up to their placing on the shop shelves. Following getting in contact with us, we inform you about everything you need to know for organic farming. Once you are registered in the organic system and the contract is signed, the in conversion period of your lands begin. It is obligatory to correspond with the requirements of the EU organic regulation from that day. Notes of farming need to be recorded throughout the year, as well as reporting certain data to us. You can be informed about the yearly responsibilities on our website, as well as from our colleagues. 

We investigate in a two steps process, during the inspection and certification, whether all requirements included in the applicable organic regulations are complied with. Our inspector investigates the facility once in a year, in a previously agreed time. The inspector produces a report based on the inspection findings and determines the actual status of the products. Besides the yearly inspection a random inspection may also be conducted. In case any deviations from the regulations are found, we assign a deadline, until when it is necessary to complete the specified corrective measures. In case of factories with high risk (based on risk assessment) or any suspicion a sample may be taken. 

The inspection report is investigated by one of our certifiers according to the rules of EU organic inspection and certification. Our certifier approves the status and the measurements, but if necessary, alters the inspector’s suggestions. In this case the certifier modifies the inspection report and sends it to our client. Our client may disapproves the content of the inspection report in writing within 14 days, otherwise it is taken as approved. If the factory’s activity corresponds with the requirements, our company issues a certification. The certification’s validity lasts from the previous yearly inspection at the latest until 31st January next year, and verifies that the farm in question complies with the requirements included in the relevant EU and national regulations. On this document all products of the facility are listed, along with their appropriate status. In case the fee of the inspection and/or certification is not paid, we are unable to issue a certificate. 

Certifications issued by our company are available on our EASY-CERT certification-search platform, which enables a direct access for our partners to their certifications and the status of their products. Thanks to EASY-CERT platform consumers can be reassured that the product they purchase marked with the appropriate status.       

In case you would like to convert from conventional to organic farming/processing, please click on "Register". 

Afterwards we will send you all the necessary guides and documents that you need to fill in and send back to us. 

Should you have any questions, please contact us either via e-mail or phone, we are more then happy to help you.